Peru destinations, rich in indigenous heritage, where in the Andes you still find local people who keep their ancient traditions and mixed with colonials, fusion of cultures with the catholic faith that still is alive. ThisPeru tour is perfect for those looking to experience the fusion culture, meeting local people, and to learn about their traditional activities and their way of life. This experience will be like nothing else you have ever experienced by meeting local people and knowing their traditions. A great recommendedtrip in Peru and South America.

  • D1: Arrival to Lima
  • D2: Palm Sunday - Lima city
  • D3: Cusco city & Procession to the Lord of the Earthquakes
  • D4: Sacred Valley - Pisac & Andean Community
  • D5: Sacred Valley - Ollanta
  • D6: Machu Picchu
  • D7: Maras & Moray
  • D8: Easter & Departure Cusco